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Proctor spelt either with an 'o' or 'e'

People mentioned on headstone 4002:-

Tom William Proctor d 1854, 16 months (son of Tom and Elizabeth Proctor)

Thomas died 1855, 28 years

John Henry died 1856, 4 years and 6 months (son of Tom and Elizabeth Proctor)

Clara Ellen Birch died 1874, 7th year of her life (daughter of Elizabeth and David Birch)

Elizabeth Birch died 1897, 74 years (formerly Proctor nee Sowerby)

Mary Elizabeth Johnson died 1931, 68 years (daughter of Elizabeth and David Birch) above killed 1931, age 68 years.

In same grave but not on the Monumental Inscription:-

Joseph Leavesley, born 1833, died 1855, 22 years, Miner of Moxon Yard

Tom William Proctor, died 1858, 11 months (son of Elizabeth Proctor of Moxon Yard)

When I looked at this headstone I was surprised to read that Mary Elizabeth Johnson was killed by accident so I started researching her to see the exact circumstances. This led me to her mother and the life she led.

Elizabeth Sowerby was born on 2 December 1824 at Kirkgate, Wakefield. Her parents were John Sowerby and Sarah Clarkson. John was a Printer.

Elizabeth first married Thomas Proctor in 1850 (see Marriage Certificate below). He was a Flax Dresser, he was 23 and Elizabeth was 25.  

Children of Elizabeth and Thomas Proctor:-

John Henry Proctor, born 1851, died 1856, 4 years 6 months, buried in this grave

Tom William Proctor, born 1853, died 1854, 16 months, buried in this grave.

Thomas Proctor died on 4 June 1855, at age 28, of 3 York Street, Leeds, of Bronchitis.  He was a Flax Dresser.

Children of Elizabeth Proctor (born after Thomas had died):-

John Sowerby Proctor, born 26 June 1856. He married Ann Myers and they had at least 8 children. He died 18 January 1930 in Leeds and was cremated at Lawnswood Cemetery.

Tom William Proctor, baptised 23 October 1857, St Peters, Leeds, died 1858, 11 months old.  Buried in this grave but his name is not on the headstone.

By 1861 Elizabeth Proctor had buried three sons and a husband.

The second marriage of Elizabeth Proctor (nee Sowerby) was to David Birch, a Press Setter, in 1861, he was 27, she was 36 (see Marriage Certificate below), they had at least two daughters.  

Children of Elizabeth and David Birch:-

Mary Elizabeth Birch, married William Johnson (see information below).  Born 1863.

Clara Ellen Birch born 21 March 1867 (see Baptism below), died 1874, 6 years.

Elizabeth was a Shopkeeper/Grocer from at least 1861 to 1881 living in Moxon Yard, Leeds.

Elizabeth died at 15 Weller Avenue, Leeds, on 1 September 1897, age 74 years and is buried in this grave.


Mary Elizabeth Birch was Elizabeth and David Birch's first child.  She married William Johnson at St Peters (Parish) Church, Leeds on 6 April 1885 (See Marriage Certificate below) and they had five children, including Jane, born 1886 and Alfred born 1889.  Three children were dead by 1911.

In 1891 Mary Elizabeth was living with her mother Elizabeth Birch and son Alfred Johnson in Moxon Yard, she was a dressmaker, 26 years old.  She was married.  Her daughter Jane was staying with her grandparents.

In 1901 she was a Widow, 37 years old, living with her daughter Jane 15 years, and son Alfred 12 years, in Nippet St, Leeds.  

1911 she was a Widow living at 39 Clifton Terrace with son Alfred, 22 years, and grand-daughter Hilda Johnson, 3 years.  She had been married for 26 years, 5 children born during this time and 2 were still living.  

Mary Elizabeth Johnson (nee Birch) died on 20 February 1931, she lived at 3 Neville Road, Leeds.  

There are no details of how she died although the headstone says 'by accident'.

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