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Hannah Thompson was born on 4 October 1844 in Varley's Yard, Chapel Street, Hunslet.  Her parents were James Thompson and Jane Page.   

Hannah married Edward Perkins on 30 October 1870.  He manufactured and sold brace and belts for horses and had a shop in George's Street, Leeds (where John Lewis Store is now).  They had ten children and lived at various addresses in Hunslet before moving to Leeds. 

Edwin died in 1889, age 43, leaving in his Will £96.13s.10d. to his wife Hannah.   She was a small woman who caused upset in the family by her telling tales about the family and drinking. 

Her son James married Emily Carter.  When they were first married Hannah asked for James's suit, so she could pawn it.  Emily sent her on her way, minus the suit!   She had to have part of her leg amputated and because of her trouble-making, none of her children would look after her so she had to go in the workhouse.  It is not known when she entered the workhouse but she was there in 1911 described as a machine hand, 65 years, a widow.  The family did however pay for a Guinea Grave in Beckett Street Cemetery when she died of diabetes at the age of 66 on 27 June 1912.


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