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Although these two graves both had headstones they cannot be found now.

Grave number 18801 has four names on headstone but only three people are buried there.  Hannah Morgan, although mentioned on the headstone, was buried in Grave 18804.

Agnes Morgan, died 28 February 1850 – 15 yrs

Thomas Morgan died 6 December 1853 - 55 yrs – see photo above

Sarah Morgan, died 1863 – 6 yrs – says Widow of Beckett St.  Maybe this should this say 5 months if so she is daughter of William Morgan and Elizabeth, High Street, Cloth Draper, born 1 March 1864 died 12 August 1864

Grave number 18804:-

Hannah Morgan (nee Dean) – cannot find a connection

Daniel Harvey/Hearvy (labourer) died 1855, 73 yrs

Jane Harvey/Hivey/Harrey, Daniel's wife

Their daughter Mary Barker (previously Rollinson, nee Harvey) died 1887, 62 years

and her husband William Barker, died 1867, 42 years, a Cartman

John William Rollinson, son of Mary Barker, previously Rollinson, (nee Harvey)

Elizabeth Ann Rollinson daughter of Mary Barker, previously Rollinson, (nee Harvey)

Sarah Jane Barker, daughter of William and Mary Barker, died 1854, 2 years, of High Street, Leeds

William Barker, son of William and Mary Barker, died 1859, 4 years, of High Street, Leeds

Frederick Barker, son of William and Mary Barker, died 1864, 4 months, of High Street, Leeds

Hannah Dean was born in 1798, parents unknown.  In 1823 Hannah married Thomas Morgan, Bricklayer.  Hannah died in 1846, aged 48 years.

Thomas Morgan married a second time to Sarah Bradford on 3 August 1853, he died 5 months later, aged 55 years.

Cannot find either marriage certificates but there are Banns for his marriage to Hannah Dean at St Peter's Church, Leeds.

Thomas Morgan was a Bricklayer but later became an Agent or Registrar.

In 1841 Hannah and Thomas were living in Rock Street and had seven children:-

Elizabeth Greavey, William, Charles, Luther, Mary Ann, Agnes and Annie

 John Rollinson, first husband of Mary Harvey (see Marriage Certificate below), buried Leeds Parish Church, 1846, age 27.  John Rollinson and Mary had at least two children, Elizabeth Ann Rollinson born 1844, died 1847, 3 years, buried in plot 18804 and John William Rollinson, born 1846, died 1883, 36 years, also in plot 18804.  

Mary Harvey then married William Barker in 1857 (see Marriage Certificate below).  They had at least 7 children:-

William born 1855, died 1859, 4 years, buried in plot 18804.

Richard, born 1854, married, died 1916, buried grave number 20069, he was living in the workhouse

Polly born 1858, married Tom Judson, died 1903 Enfield, buried grave number 16954, 43 yrs.  She left a Will,

Frederick, born 1864, died 1865, 4 months, buried in plot 18804

Clara Louisa born 1862, married John Schofield in 1881.

Edmund, born 1867, married Annie Eliza Betteridge.


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