5/8/1880, 31 Years.
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Grave 3104

In Memory of / SARAH RABY, / Who Died September 17th 1848, / Aged 4 years and 6 months. / Also SARAH ANN RABY, who died / December 3rd 1851, aged 10 months. / Also WILLIAM HARRIS, grandson / of RABY who died July 9th 1859, / in her 10th year. / Also JAMES RABY, who died July 4th 1871 / aged 38 years. / Also MARTHA RABY, Mother of the above / who died Novmber 26th 1871, / Aged 62 Years. / Also WILLIAM RABY, / husband of the above / who died January 8th 1876, / Aged 70 years. / Jesus lover of my Soul! / Let me to thy bosom fly / Whie troubled waters roll / While the tempest still is high. / Hide me, O my Saviour, hide / Till the storm of life is past. / Then into the haven guide. / O receive my soul at last.

Grave 3106

In affectionate Remembrance of / HANNAH ELIZABETH COOPER, Innkeeper / of Leeds who died --- 1880, / --- / Also --- 1884 / Also JOHN COOPER --- 1885 / --- / Also GEORGE COOPER / husband of the above H. E. COOPER, / --- June 18[?][several lines illegible]

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The Cooper and Raby families are in grave numbers 3104 and 3106

In Grave number 3106:-

  • George Cooper, died 1888, age 41, of Burmantofts St, Publican (Hannah's second husband).

  • John Cooper, died 1885, age 78 Nail Maker of Burmantofts Street (father of Hannah Elizabeth).

  • George Raby, died 1884, 45 years, of Lyndhurst St, Burmantofts, shopkeeper (first husband of Mary Ann Cooper).

In Grave number 3104:-

  • Sarah Raby died 1848, 4 years 6 months:  Sarah Jane Raby died 1851, 10 months: James Raby died 1871, 38 years (children of William Raby and Martha Raby).

  • William Harris, died 1859, 9 years (grandson of William Raby and Martha Raby).

  • Martha Raby (nee Armitage) mother of the above died 1871, 62 years.

  • William Raby husband of Martha died 1876, 70 years.

Hannah (or Anna, Annie) Elizabeth Tutin became a publican when she married William Mallinson, November 1869.  He was 42, she was 23. (See Marriage Certificate below).

They ran the Simpson Arms, 2 York Road, Leeds.  They were only married a year when he died on 30 November 1870.  He is buried in the Mallinson private grave, number 2901 with his parents and brother.  

In 1873, three years later aged 28, Hannah married George Cooper, she was still a publican (See Marriage Certificate below).

They had one child Norah who was born on 17 April 1876 and baptised at St Peter's (Parish Church), Leeds.  

Hannah died in 1880 at the age of 34. George died 1888, age 41, they are both buried in Grave number 3106.

George Cooper's sister, Mary Ann Cooper, married George Raby on Christmas Day 1861.   

Mary Ann was a Tobacconist.  George Raby died in 1884 and Mary Ann then married Alfred Taylor in 1886.  

Hannah and George Cooper's only child Norah was living with Mary Ann Taylor (nee Cooper) (her Aunt) on the 1911 census, maybe they looked after her as she was only three when her mother died.

1861 marriage of George RABY to Mary Ann COOPER

1866 marriage of Alfred TAYLOR to Mary Ann COOPER

1869 marriage of William MALLINSON to Annie Elizabeth TUTIN

1873 marriage of George COOPER to Hannah Elizabeth MALLINSON

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