Susannah CLARKE

30/10/1856, 24 Years.
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Susannah is buried in an Unconsecrated common grave number 17527, no headstone.

Sylvia Barnard wrote about Susannah Clarke in her book 'To Prove I'm Not Forgot' (available via Friends of Beckett Street Cemetery’s website).  The following is taken from the book:-

“After leaving work on Monday night Susannah Clarke called upon her mother in Cleveland Street and was showing a kitten to a little boy in the room.  By some means she fell backwards across a small rocking chair and ruptured an interior vessel.  She bled profusely for twenty minutes and then expired.  Verdict 'Accidental death'”

Susannah Clarke was born in 1832.  She married Samuel Clarke, cloth dresser and labourer and they were living in Rushforth Street, Newtown.  She was six months pregnant when she died on 30 October 1856 at her mother's house in Cleveland Street, Leeds.  She was 24 years old.

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