William Donald BARBOUR

Burial Year:
70 Years.
Grave Section:
Grave No.:
This fascinating photograph of William Donald Barbour was sent to us by Chris West, a distant relative. William had lived at 68 Grange Avenue, Chapeltown, Leeds and had died in 1903 aged 70. An accountant from a very middle class family William had helped re-establish the Leeds Astronomical Society in the early 1890s. In addition Chris told us that he has in his possession William`s diary and a folder of letters and a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings all collected by William. Some of the letters involve correspondence with men who are in fact also buried in Beckett Street. Notably Jabez Tunnicliff Baptist Minister and founder of the Band of Hope in Leeds, and Samuel Smiles, promoter and writer of Self Help. Chris is writing an account of William`s life and we look forward to hearing more about this man in the future
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