Timeline of Battles on European soil during WORLD WAR ONE featuring Allied troops **

Date Month Description
1914 August 4th Britain declared war on Germany
1914 August Battle of Mons (first foray, British Expeditionary Force)
1914 September Battle of Mons (first foray, British Expeditionary Force)
1914 October October First Battle of Ypres began
1915 February Dardanelles Campaign began
1915 April 2nd Battle of Ypres (poison gas encountered)
1915 April Battle of Gallpoli
1915 April RMS Lusitania was sunk
1915 September Battle of Loos
1916 February Battle of Verdun (the longest and the bloodiest battle of the war)
1916 May Battle of Jutland began
1916 July Battle of the Somme (tank warfare introduced)
1917 June Battle of Messines
1917 July Battle of Passchendaele (also known as 3rd Battle of Ypres)
1917 November Battle of Cambrai (Russian Revolution began)
1918 July 2nd Battle of the Marne
1918 November 11th Fighting officially ended at 11am, after Germany signed armistice at Compeigne, France.
1919 June 28th The Treaty of Versailles was signed and officially the ‘European War’ was ended.

** More detailed information can be found at Western Front Association, although there is limited viewing without subscribing.